Is there life out there?

This out of this world discussions had been going on for years. They said that statistically speaking, the presence of other intelligence in other worlds is more than a reality.

Let’s imagine ourselves the visitors from another planet, what are the things we’ll do?

We’ll hover our high tech space transports around and observe the surroundings. We’ll not show ourselves to the locals.

We’ll integrate with the crowd. Our technology will give us the means to look like the locals. We’ll even copy the norms and everything to resemble the genuine items.

We’ll start to influence the course of history. We’ll play God in wars, calamities and even plagues. We’ll test the locals’ determination to survive.

Once we see there’s hope for the locals not to annihilate themselves, we’ll leave to another world. We’ll visit from time to time to check the locals’ progress and give them hints on greater discovery for their future welfare.

With that assumption, I think visitors from another world left us with good sense of humanity. What’s tragic is that once we became the masters, we failed in our responsibilities to go forward in peace.



16 thoughts on “Alienated

    1. We watch ancient aliens and anything else on tv regarding alien life forms. They make a pretty convincing statement that we were visited by aliens at another time.

      1. My apologies for the delay. I just saw your comment. I agree with the convincing statement. I even wonder if they still visit us, walk next to us, talk to us and interact with us without our knowledge.

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