Have you forgotten my face?

With the sad eyes and tears,

With curved lips and fears.

Have you forgotten the day?

When you said you’re leaving,

As I tried to stop you, pleading..

Have not forgotten your face,

With your blank eyes unfeeling,

With your proud lips mumbling.

I have not forgotten the day,

When I uttered, stay with me,

As you walked away, be free.

Now, you come back, wiser,

Now, you ask the impossible,

Now, you want me in trouble.

After I discovered a new love,

Who healed my wounded heart,

Now, you convince me to hurt.

Do remember my face today,

The happy eyes without guile

The satisfied lips with a smile.

And I will remember your face,

Repentant eyes with sorrow,

Lips saying, I am sorry, I’ll go.



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