There’s always a time when boredom creeps into our system. Whether we experience some form of an unexpected burn out from our routines or simply wanting to do things we have not tried before.

I had a short spell of laziness yesterday. I mean almost a half day of it. 😀

It was a perfect day to while the hours away without doing something productive. Yeah, that’s right: standing by. Just like a television set connected to the mains but inactive of its primary function.

After a light breakfast I took out a plastic chair and went straight under a flowering mango tree. With a liter of drinking water and several pieces of cooked native yam, I sat quietly.

Listen! I heard the Whisper softy.

I could hear myself breathing, the sound of flexing muscles followed as I redistributed my weight on the chair, which in turn creaked due to the downward pressure of my mass that was pulled by gravity.

Nature added its contribution to the ambiance by blowing a constant breeze from the northeast that agitated the leaves of trees into swaying motions, producing swishing sounds like music to which different birds sang with to complete the impromptu natural concert.

Who could have thought that idleness could also produce creativity?

I have pondered, ruminated, discerned, discovered and so on and so forth that laziness in moderation could actually replenish the body of spent energy from strenuous manual labor and excessive mental rigors.

I therefore conclude that the condition should be called relaxation. 🙂



13 thoughts on “Standby

  1. Doesn’t sound like boredom at all! Several mornings ago, I sat on my back steps drinking a cup of coffee. The morning was warm and as I sat there, listening to the birds, the wind…smelling the fragrance of spring flowers, watching the clouds drift overhead and watching the birds at their work, it came to me. this is the first time in so long I have not been busybusybusy, that I feel rested and at peace. Felt so good, I sat there until lunchtime. then I came out with my lunch and began again. it is nice, isn’t it?

  2. I never think of that as laziness – I think of it as respite, of drinking in the beauty of God’s offering. We must, at times, allow ourselves to be the guest at the bountiful banquet He has prepared for us. Just as Kanzensakura so beautifully described it, a feast for the senses. His creation awaits our lying down in green pastures and the restoring of our souls.

    1. Sometimes I wonder how I could transform a negative word into a more positive one. That’s what I was thinking then. 🙂
      I agree with what you said. Feeling nature gives us a boost to our creativity.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  3. Laziness might be akin to meditation in some ways – clearing the mind, like clearing a cache on your computer – refreshing you and boosting your creativity.

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