Hello guys and gals! 😀

How have you all been? Hope everything is wonderful with you!

I just went online a minute ago after a few days of performing the responsibilities of who I am really is. Like all of you, I also need to earn a living. 🙂

From what I am reading in the Notification page, many of you commented on my scheduled posts. I will reply tomorrow. 🙂

– o –

I am a bit surprised no one tried to answer my Decrypt post. 🙂

The key of the cipher is the post Levels of Intelligence. The answer is a personal quote that I live by daily.






Please note: letters I and A become words when they join a sentence.

– o –

Here’s a word problem to entertain you while I am adjusting. 🙂

If you ride a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car, a bus, a train, an airplane, a ship, a boat, where are you going?

Answer: ?

Have fun guys and gals! 😀



24 thoughts on “Reporting

  1. Muy bueno!
    “Si usted monta una bicicleta, una motocicleta, un coche, un autobús, un tren, un avión, un barco, un barco, ¿a dónde vas?”
    Lo ideal seria “vagabundear “: Palabra mal vista o mal entendida , pero solo pocos pueden ser vagabundos en el mundo..
    Very good!
    “If you ride a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car, a bus, a train, a plane, a boat, a ship, where are you going?”
    Ideally would “wander” Word unpopular or misunderstood, but only few can be wanderers in the world …

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