Spanish Strings

When I was a child, my father, his brother and first cousin used to have drinking sessions with a lot of singing, mostly old Spanish songs. His cousin, named Jesus, was a great guitar man with the gift of singing the Spanish language like a native. For hours, our house was filled with their boisterous merry-making.

Perhaps, those memories were etched in my mind that whenever I hear a Spanish guitar playing, I get truly sentimental. (My guitar-playing uncle had already passed away years back.) Nowadays, I like to listen to accoustic versions of songs I like.

Then, serenading came to my mind.

What better way to woo the girl of your dreams than sing her a love song while you play the guitar. This tradition had been very effective during the days when courting a girl was still a gentleman’s affair. For a woman, this can be one of the most romantic episode in her life. (I know because I will not be alive if my mother did not marry my father.) 🙂

If you ever want to listen a good song with a Spanish guitar, try Bryan Adams’ Have You Really Loved A Woman. I am very sure the song’s lyrics will make every woman nod in agreement.

Or, listen to the opening strains of the Eagles’ Hotel California, and be impressed how a Spanish guitar can make your music listening a real pleasure.

Try.  😀



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