Strange that the loud and somewhat out of this world strains and beats of many rock bands appeal to the young and detested by the old. More accurately, the high decibels and screaming vocals are the main factors for the dislike.

My younger adult life was bombarded by rock and grunge so I know how disgruntling it was for more mature citizens. (Well, I could also mellow down with classical, soul, rhythm and blues, folk and the rest back then.)

But, would you agree that some of the best love songs ever written were composed and performed by heavy metal groups? They have a way to make an electric guitar wail like a human who feels immeasurable pain and uncontrolled agony. With lyrics and music that evoke of raw emotions, they interpret the song as if coming straight from the heart.

Once, a close friend related to me an unusual story. He attended a church wedding where the song used in the ceremony was from a heavy metal band. I was ready to dismiss the story as a hoax because I know for a fact that no religious authority in his right mind would permit such a stunt.

My friend was dead serious though because he played a short video clip of the ceremony from his cellphone. If I did not see it, I would not believe it, too.

What the marriage coordinators did as per the request of the groom was to re-arrange the song to make it solemn. They removed the sound of electric guitars, drums, bass and almost everything else: a stripped-down version that retained only the romantic beat.

And to complete the makeover, a male tenor sung it brilliantly, accompanied by a solo violinist.

My friend claimed that those who recognized the song was mesmerized: he himself felt goosebumps all over his body. It was a completely strange experience in a feel good way.

I still can’t imagine White Lion’s ballad Till Death Do Us Part was rearranged as a wedding song.

Can you?



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