The Middle Game

Ramblings of a board player. 🙂

Many compare the game of chess to our lives in general.

Our opponent might be a lot smarter than we are but we still compete.

The opening moves naturally progress in childhood, when as children, we discover and explore, learn in the process the strategy of living.

We do not make hasty moves that may pin us to situations we cannot extricate ourselves upon. We think and re-think before we attack our goal or defend our comfort zone.

We learn to decide when we are forked by dilemmas, choosing the better alternative while losing something in the process. Or, make an escape by counter-attack like passing our responsibilities to chance.

We learn to sacrifice things to get something more in return. Or, risk everything if we make the wrong calculated moves.

We learn to think three to four moves ahead, as with planning our future. Often guessing what will it be or how it will come about. At least by such thinking, any result is more predictable in each circumstances.

We learn also to contemplate a draw, a sort of time out with the rigors of living by going on soul searching or just plain standby to take a breather.

When we reach the middle game of life, the intricacies of decision-making complicate  our lives even more. Losing pieces of our defenses through the passing of years means we have to access our book of tactics, a.k.a. wisdom. That will help us fend off the attack of old age.

But eventually when the end game comes, we can only prolong our game of life for a while until we succumb to a checkmate by Death.



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