Criminal Mind

When I first started writing I asked myself what type of novel I would choose to write about. (I am a Robert Ludlum fan.) Since I am interested in science fiction, the occult, religion, crime, mystery and probably all the rest combined, I was stuck.

Imagine me writing two to three paragraphs at a time, then crumpling the paper and throwing it in the paper basket. The routine went on for a time that there came a moment I thought I’d just quit writing altogether.

Then, I saw the movie, Silence of the Lambs.

That was it. I knew right there and then that I’d write about the criminal mind. With a touch of mystery,passion,  international flavor and suspense, I believe I could pull it off. I could finish a story without quitting at the middle.

Why the criminal mind, you might ask?

I think all of us, in some point in our lives, broke the laws of God and man. No raised eyebrows, please. Remember the saying, truth will set us free. 🙂

If there is Good in the world, there is also evil. How will the triumphs of Good stand out if we do not portray evil as it is?

I rest my case.

If you are interested to read what I’ve written, please visit My Stories page.



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