Not Guilty

(For one of the ex-Loves of my Life)

Dark thoughts gnawed on me like fangs of anger,

imagining your downfall from your pedestal.

Deep hatred insisted that I plan your destruction,

devising schemes to make you suffer.

All of that was on my mind for a minute before

wisdom conquered the evil that crept inside me.

All of that was never me.

All of that will never be me.



11 thoughts on “Not Guilty

  1. Nothing more dangerous than love…found, lost, or gained….killed, denied or abandoned.

    It will do you in, one way or another and you will never be the same after it. 🙂

  2. Nice written, and also good that hatred didn´t prevail. Better forget and forgive, forgive is much harder but I find it that if you do, you feel more at ease with yourself.

    Tell me about it, with my crazy ex girlfriend that she´s still calling after a year(bitches end up in ditches) and I have a scar that she left me as a goodby present.

    1. There are things that remind us of the past. The Unforgettable post described one such almost permanent ‘imprint’ on me. 🙂
      Forgive and forget? Why not! (laughs)

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