Like a Sprite

Suddenly, you disappeared from sight,

Absent from the places you frequent,

Though I thought it’s not fair,

I let you maintain the status quo.


A month later you reappeared,

Like an apparition in front of me,

Looking haggard and pale,

As if misfortune stuck to you like glue.


You said you have no money,

That’s what I thought, too.

You said you want to borrow,

That’s what I was afraid of.

You said you will pay me,

That’s what I heard the last time.

You said you will not disappear,

That’s old tune.

You said you promise to God,

I said, : How much?



4 thoughts on “Like a Sprite

  1. Been there too! Remind me to introduce you to my ex husband. I warn you tho. Don’t be sucked in. We haven’t been together in 33 years and he still is one with no follow thru. 😦 Love this bit of prose tho!

    1. Sometimes Whispers are longer than the usual. I don’t think of them as poetry though they look similar in form. Call them free verse, perhaps.
      Your husband should know better. 😦

    1. Sometimes generosity gets the better of us. We say, never again, but when the time comes, we give way. It’s probably why our hearts and minds are always in a collision course when it comes to Love.

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