How do you feel arriving in a foreign country for the first time?

Excited, of course. If you’re on a vacation, the sites you saw on TV or read in magazines or the Internet, will look bigger and real.

But what if your presence is not very welcome to the locals, what will you do?

Being an alien is probably what a poor fellow from a Third Wold country visiting a more developed country feels.

When you arrive in the immigration counter, your passport will raise all the flags in the computer. 😀 Either your country is in the watch list or you look like a terrorist incarnate.

Then, your visa will be probably scrutinized longer than necessary. The agent in front of you will look suspicious and inspect your return ticket as if it is forged.

Your problems will compound if you forgot to remove the fish sauce you brought as a present to a kin, from your hand baggage. The item will not only turn off the inspector, you’ll probably be tagged as a food deviant. 😀

Once you got out of the airport in one piece, you probably wished you stayed home. Your pocket money which you saved for a year will most likely sustain you in a week. The person you will be visiting will have a hard time feeding you for the rest of your stay.

You will enjoy the sights but you just have to swallow your saliva just to save money from expensive food expenses. (You will scratch your head, how on earth the food is three times costly.) Drinking water will be your best alternative. 😀

The pictures you have taken will look magnificent. (But those admiring them back home will not see the hardships you went through.)

The day you will be leaving home is the day the locals celebrate, most especially your aggrieved host. 😀

Well, this story might be an extreme way of describing reality. It could happen to anybody from an underdeveloped country, who is given the opportunity to go out of the country as a tourist.



4 thoughts on “Curious

  1. What I experienced was the other way around.
    The staffs in the airport of our province has always been known for being “muggers”. They will give Indonesian travelers hard time. They also take the advantage to find every small mistake so that they can confiscate things.
    They usually dare not touch tourists from other countries.

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