The way mobile technology is evolving and its products flooding the market day in and day out, I would like to add a wish list of what I like to see in the near future.

When I watched the movie Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck, I was amazed how reverse engineering sabotaged creative inventions of one company and profited another’s. I believe it had been done before. So many times.

But what I am more interested in the movie is the idea of time viewing. The thought that we can have the ability to see the future is a wonderful idea. Nothing beats seeing yourself somewhere you least expected, say dining in a restaurant in Mars. 😀

I know. Seeing the future have drawbacks, too. If the tools are held by evil hands, there’s a great possibility of disaster in the making (as what was described in the movie). And, there will no more excitement to look forward to because you already know what’s in store for you.

If I can’t have that time viewing device, I’ll settle for a lesser technology. Say, a sort of a remote control device but the size of a Zippo lighter. It should be a phone, a camera, a video recorder and a pointing device, all rolled into one.

Did I hear someone asking about the screen? My device will have no more screen. All I have to do is point it to a wall and the content will be right there in full color. Cool, huh?

So, when I visit the most comfortable place in the house, I can sit back and point anywhere flat.

That’s how I like my mobile experience to be in the near future. 😀



9 thoughts on “Point

  1. This reminds me of the book Flash Forward by Robert J. Sawyer..all about how people become unconscious for about 2 minutes and get a glimpse into their future 21.5 years from the present. Quite interesting. I think the TV series by the same name is loosely based on it (people only see 6 months into the future). It made me believe that the only way seeing your future would be possible is if it was immutable and everything was already written, like a storybook in which you’re just flipping pages back and forth.

  2. I keep thinking about how we are getting more and more wired and at some point we will literally get wired. I was thinking of your concept and instead of pointing it at any wall when you push the button it plays in your mind like a memory but it has not happened yet. Playing the future in your mind has consequences as it becomes more and more addictive and harder and harder for the user to know the difference between the present, past and future.

    1. We can uncouple ourselves if we want to. We are forced here once in a while due to slow internet connection and power outages. 🙂
      Seriously, I agree to your idea. We should always create a gap for what is real and what is not. Difficult maybe but we have the power in our hands to do it.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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