Like A Child

I was in front of the computer one day, doing revisions to one of my manuscripts when a godchild of mine knocked on my window. He used to do that when he wanted a favor.

I needed the rest, too. So, I went outside to inquire what he wanted.

He asked me to explain to him what the movie Spirit: The Stallion of the Cimarron was about. Being 10, he started to get acquainted with more meaningful animated films. Frankly, he has the knack of choosing quality films.

I like Tom and Jerry cartoons during my childhood for the simple reason that actions speak louder than words.. But that was it. I gravitated to local films because I could not understand then the English language.

I was impressed to see how animation had gone a long way since watching the Disney movies of old. The graphics had improved by leaps and bounds.

The child in me was awakened that day.

What better way to give a movie all the hallmarks of popularity than use great actors as voice overs, a superb soundtrack and a great story. DreamWorks know its business.

Matt Damon’s voice for the main character, Spirit, is exact and effective. He led the viewers follow Spirit’s journey with anticipation.

Bryan Adams, who has sung other film soundtracks before, use his mellow and husky voice to croon us with songs that evoke of sentimentality, joy and triumph. And with perfectly-timed background music, the film never gives its viewers a dull moment.

Overall, this animated film is highly-recommended. With parents and children watching together, the lessons of love, loyalty, perseverance, hope, friendship and never-say-die attitude will be taught in a very adventurous way.

I felt I enjoyed the film more as an adult. Or as an adult thinking like a child.

Happy viewing!



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