Deja Vu

Here’s something to ponder about. 🙂

One time, I went to the town center to buy some food supplies. Once in a month, I allow myself to visit ‘civilization’ since I live further away.

There were many people in all sorts of trades and poses. I like to observe how folks recreate their activities, candid and unrehearsed, to capture real life as opposed to directed and acted similar in the movies. The difference is too stark, to say the least.

Before I rode the passenger jeep home, I saw a couple of foreigners with their backpacks walking gingerly through the aisle of a nearby drug store. By the looks of their muddied shoes, they just came down from the mountains after a day or so of hiking and camping.

I was not in the habit of gawking at Caucasians like some of my countrymen who were not used to seeing them in person. But at that moment, I realized I stared at the couple too long that our eyes met.

I was amazed. They were, too. Was it instant recognition?

By my recollection, I believed I saw the same exact couple in a reverse situation. They were riding a small car while I walked near a store. I carried my backpack after a trek in the forest. Our gazes met then.

To their recollection, I think they were also surprised to see me. Perhaps, they, too, recognized the familiar scene in reverse.

We went our separate ways without ever conceding the familiarity we shared. Like most of these chance meetings, we probably think we were just imagining things from the past and relating certain events as tricks of warped memory.

Have you experienced the same phenomenon?

Much as I like to experience such event as if I am disconnected from reality, I feel I have a lot more to learn to discover the key in unlocking the power of my subconscious.



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