A hen squawks but never crows, right?

Well, that was what I believed back then. It is the normal actuation of the animal.

Living in the province, you’d pick up a lot of weird notions and many superstitions. Folks stories are handed down through generations. Most times they were proven wrong in the end. But, others defy explanation still.

Take a hen, for example. It freely roams around with its chicks tagging along. You observe how it protects them. Then, suddenly without warning, it mimics a rooster with its loud short crow. Weird?

You see, some people believe that when a hen senses a pregnant unmarried girl somewhere, it faces to a particular direction where she resides. The hen might repeat the same strange action for several days.

Unbelievable! I remembered the exact word I said to my grinning hosts. Naturally, I believed they were making the story up.

To cut the story short, I became a witness to this unexplained phenomena, not once but several times. Months later after each incident, a baby was born.

Coincidence or not?



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