I’ve always wonder where this term came from. I’ve been observing my cat and it seemed my pet sleep longer than the term implies. Maybe, the feline is always full so it does not need to wake all too often.

I let the animal stay in its spot and blog on.

Speaking of napping, I just have this deja vu moment about an hour and a half earlier. It’s like a replay of what had happened early this morning.

I held the mouse and stared at the monitor. I clicked the sites I wished to view. Due to the climate (the internet providers often blame the weather for bad connection) that was partly cloudy and partly sunny, I watched that revolving icon that serves as indicator that the system is either loading or searching.

I looked at the digital clock at the lowest part of the monitor and it showed 2:11 PM. I waited for the computer monitor to come alive with the chosen sites on screen.

I removed my glasses and closed my eyes for a while. A short blink, I guess.

When I opened my eyes, the indicator kept on moving like the last time I saw it. Darn it, I swore.

Looking at the digital clock once more, I was surprised to see the time was 2:20 PM. Where did time go?

For nine minutes, I lost all consciousness of time, like a blank journey into the unknown.  I was at the same spot like a statue for a while.

Now, I understand what a catnap is. 😀

(Note: This is a re-post though the event has been repeated so many times before.)



6 thoughts on “Catnap

    1. Sorry? What’s that you’re saying? I just came from a longer nap. 😀
      I guess you can interpret it that way. (laughs) The statue has a blank mind, right? 😀

  1. this is hilarious and so true. guess your cat chooses to take ‘coma breaks,’ while you, the human are taking ‘cat naps.’ that must have been kind of a trippy experience for you when you woke up. i have been told i’m prob narcoleptic myself, for i fall asleep instantly, like you describe, pretty much anywhere, and wake up just as quickly, continuing my story, like it never happened, minutes later. i must be an incredibly horrible travel companion.

    1. So true what you’re saying. At times, we lose track of time during our most unguarded moments. Mine is not often. Must be the overload of information I absorb during surfing that I feel too tired to go to bed and sleep. 😀
      By the way, I just got back from a longer nap. (laughs)

      1. glad you had a bit longer nap, my sleep patterns are crazy, so i pretty much try to just go with it and not fight it whenever possible. i even take a nap when my kindy class does on many days) luckily i have a co-teacher. it’s all about ‘modeling’ for the kids )

      2. Well, we have to adjust when our bodies need the rest. Nap when possible. 😀
        It’s sunset here once again. Got to prepare something to eat. Later.

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