About ten in the morning the other day, I was out of in the small orchard trying to counter the writer’s block that had been nagging me for hours. I needed to have a fresh perspective to summon my drive to write. Field work was the best solution.

Clearing grasses around calamondin trees was tiring but necessary. Struck by the unusual searing heat with little or no wind, I felt winded so I decided to rest under the shade of a low mango tree.

There was a sudden noise above. Birds dove from the nearby high trees to where I was. They could not resist the cooler shade. With their incessant chirping they kept me company. 

While surveying my unfinished work, my thoughts wandered. The name Isaac Newton kept crossing my mind. I have no idea why except earlier someone mentioned an apple to me.

Suddenly, there was a creaking sound of a breaking branch. I looked up and tried to see what was it all about. Too late for me to escape the inevitable: a medium-sized green mango seemed intent on teaching me a lesson to pick a better spot next time. The fruit’s impact on my forehead caused instant pain that minutes later produced a slight bruise.

I was about to swear against the birds that led to the incident but Instead of getting huffed with anger, I stepped out from under the tree and checked the fruits. I stood out laughing when it dawned on me why Newton’s name visited my consciousness.



5 thoughts on “Gravity

    1. Hahaha! I don’t know what happened to the apple. The Indian mango that fell on my forehead was delicious. It was not a total loss after all. 😀

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