Chemistry (2)

This is second part of Chemistry.  🙂

As I explained in the previous post, some of the badges did not appear in the original post. My solution was to cut it and publish a succeeding post to complete the missing items.

I hope this confuses no one. I apologize for the error.

– o –

Joe of Art Inspired and Created from the Heart nominated me for The Shauny Award. Please visit his site to discover images you may like.

You can check the post For Everyone to see the rules of the award. Feel free to pick up the other award as a sign of my appreciation to all of you, who keep on supporting me through my online journey.


– o –

I am deeply honored to be nominated by Amreen of Paint the World with Words for this award. Check the site for motivational posts. I am sure you will be inspired.


My nominees are:

around us                              talesalongtheway

nebusresearch                     chun

the sea and me                   amberskyeforbes

scene by minerva                dreamrly

sufi ways                              Chasing Rabbit Holes

when I became an author         A Skeptical Designer

shivaay delights                        Nicola Kirk

gardening in greenwood         doug does life

– o –

 Annet of TalesAlongTheWay sent me with a bunch of awards to distribute. I always appreciate her overflowing generosity. 🙂
You can join her exciting journey. I did.
Sevens part one Sevens part two

My nominees for the award:

my botanical garden            this labyrinth I roam

kanzen sakura                      cindy knoke

the wandering poet              mindlovemisery

the hunt for truth                    TheSeeker

You can check the posts The RingLook Up To The Night Sky,

Pat in the BackEnjoyableMastery and Inception for the rules.

P.S. If you like to have some tips on creating awards posts, you can visit the Awards page.



14 thoughts on “Chemistry (2)

    1. Thank you. (bow) 🙂
      I tried once, I mean a similar shoe. (You can read the Heel-bent post.) My experimentation hurts. (laughs)
      You are always welcome. 🙂

  1. Bel, congratulations on being nominated for so many awards! Well done. I thank you for thinking of me. Blessings on you, Bel. Best ~ HuntMode

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