Sure Win

A Whisper says:

Need more money?

Feeling lucky?

Don’t gamble.

More often than not people believe that there are times in their lives that luck is on their side. It’s even called a gut feel or a hunch that better than average results could come their way.

When it comes to gambling though, the risks taking begin once you lay your first bet. The chances are not in your favor especially when the game you chose has too much factors stacked against your winning. In a way, you will be drawn to the battle of recovering money you will eventually lose and getting a profit out of it.

I guess it’s okay once in a while. It is probably permissible as a past time or just a passing itch on the hands.

However, when you make it a serious activity, problems arise that in the end you could lose everything you hold dear.

Just a friendly advice. Think hard before you commit.



4 thoughts on “Sure Win

  1. Good advice. I have learned over the years that I never win anything so I never try. We have a lot of betting shops here – more in the pooerer areas than in the better off – and they don’t go out of business. The arithmetic of book-making means that the bookmaker always wins, his gains far exceeding his losses. So the way to gamble is to take bets, not to place them.

    As for online gambling, it’s getting really serious here – constant ads on TV.

    1. People are often attracted to huge winnings that they fail to factor in the almost impossible odds against their bets. As you correctly said, the bookmakers and other gambling stations never lose.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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