Food is a favorite for everyone, I am sure. We regard it as one of the most important ingredients of life besides air and water.

But there are many instances we see it as any other commodities we take for granted, to misuse it by neglect when excesses lead to wastes.

Personally, I always treat what I eat as a blessing that I see to it I do not waste what others may consider as leftovers. It is much better to eat less than leave in your plate something you don’t feel eating. In my mind, anything wasted could equate to feeding other hungry people without anything to fill their stomachs with.

As a farmer, who helps produce the raw material for human consumption, I feel guilty when I see people throw around good food. The cash that paid for it is wasted, which by common sense it could have bought other basic needs.

If we could only compute the amount of money spent on food wasted around the world, I think we could feed the hungry for a long time. Conflicts that began from hunger could be readily mediated to stop.

Think about it..


7 thoughts on “Morsel

  1. Nice idea but wrong. Most conflicts are not started because one side is hungry and the starving don’t starve because there is not enough food. A farmer…Nice…

    1. “Conflicts that began with hunger” is an expression to point out the obvious results of injustice. Literally, you are correct. 🙂
      But when people starve, who do you think will they target? Ah, yes, those who have food. Isn’t that a conflict?

  2. I’d thought there were estimates to how much food (in value or in calories) just goes to waste, but a quick attempt at finding the reports makes me think that the numbers are not just sketchy (as they’d probably have to be) but crowded out by many people exaggerating (mostly higher) the amount for various reasons. Hm.

    1. Yes, the estimates could be biased to exaggeration. (Everyone has an agenda.) 🙂
      We cannot only solve the problem in summits and conferences. We have to start at home and limit our food wastes. Then, we ask our friends and those we know to do the same. Isn’t that a worthy cause?
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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