They often say, “You cannot please everybody.” I say, however, “I can share something to those who pleases me.”

A new blogger has the first thought in mind when he/she entered the scene. A few months later, it will be his/her turn to welcome newcomers. (If you had a difficult time earlier, I am sure you do not want the new ones to suffer. Show them the way.)

Frankly, after all these months, I am still excited to receive nominations, more or less the same feeling I had when I received my first Sunshine award. I am thankful that fellow bloggers continue to shower me with gifts. Small happiness for a lowly farmer, perhaps. Yet, a big confidence boost to blog on.

An enthusiastic chef and a terrific blogger, Kanzen Sakura, surprised me with an early morning breakfast. Nope, not the best dish prepared for the family but for me the main course of blogging bliss. Voila! A choice of awards on the table. 🙂

Hmmm! I do not know what to choose. Each one of those I have already received has a special moment in my WordPress life. Those I have not, I am excited to discover. 🙂

Well, Kanzen, because you are one of the most generous blogger I have interacted with, I wrote a short verse to show my appreciation.

Carry on, be not afraid,

Kindness begets the same,

But. when it does not,

Give again, again and again.

Rejection is temporary,

Redemption is permanent,

You have chosen the good,

Veer not, you’re on the right path.

My warmest thoughts to everyone!


6 thoughts on “Savor

  1. Thank you very much. I am very happy you are happy. That’s all I want is to make people smile. I hope you pick a fun combination! Whatever you see that would make you happy, grab it, clasp it to your heart, and smile!

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