A Whisper says:

Get used to kind deeds,

You will not falter.

Every time I am tempted to look the other way when I see someone needing my assistance, I feel a tinge of regret. What a short moment and small effort not to give when sometimes I have wasted more in many instances of worthless activities.

Of course, we could not be of help to everyone. We have also lives that probably need similar assistance from others.

However, when the chance presents itself to assist someone in need, can we not act if we are capable of doing so? Should we be silent witnesses while someone in front of our eyes waits for our attention and concern?

Indifference is not new in our society. We have practiced it too long that we are immune to take notice of what we could contribute. We do not care as long as we have what we need around us.

Is that how we envision ourselves as civilized human beings? I think not.

(Note: This is a re-post.)



2 thoughts on “Pattern

  1. I can’t always help someone with money or food and sometimes, people make their own choices, but I can always pray and I do. I pray for God to protect and keep them and to help them in the way He knows best and to show me how to help and when to help, with His guidance.

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