Child Labor

Poverty is harsh for adults but it is harsher for children. Not eating because one does not have anything on the plate is something an adult can accept. But for children? Isn’t it a crime if parents do not make sure there is food on the table?

Once, I observed a group of children roaming the streets under the scorching heat of the sun. They scrounged for anything re-usable to sell. Near a garbage dump of a popular fast food chain, they discovered leftovers thrown away.

Anyone’s heart would melt with pity seeing such a scene. They should be at home taking naps after a satisfying clean meal. They should be free from the worries that adults are normally responsible of.

For those in their early youth, life should not be about work or to eke out a living. Pity the children who suffer and experience the ugly realities of life when they are supposed to receive proper education and care. To survive the daily grind, they have to sacrifice their innocence.

We have to create a better environment for them and not enslave them as manpower for our industries. Not as strays in the streets who could be victims of abuse to commit juvenile offenses, forced to be criminals, becoming the burdens of society.

They should be children in every sense of the word.



12 thoughts on “Child Labor

      1. Oui Belsbror, c’est à souhaiter
        L’égoïsme et l’envie m’ont toujors profondément dégoûtée
        D*ieu châtiera ceux qui ont fait mauvais usage des biens terrestres

  1. I don’t think that children are used by industries in the USA. However, many of them are used by drug dealers because there is no proper supervision of laws about children education and children care.

  2. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of too many children on this earth. We can’t save them all, but we should try to help the ones we can. Even helping one child makes a difference.

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