A Whisper says:

Starting with the wrong foot,

Ending without the truth.

Information is very vital to us. What is happening around us, our town, our cities, our nations and around the world becomes a part of our intimate relationship with information.

But what if the information given us departs from the truth, when government decides to twist segments of the information to serve its own agenda and purpose. What is perceived to be a lie masquerades as truth.

Dissemination of disinformation promotes rumor. Even if the original intent is said to be for the common good and ideal for the situation, any fabricated fact can acquire its favorable result in the beginning but once it is unmasked of its credibility, the consequence  of the falsehood will be the loss of trust of the people, Any future pronouncements, even though true, will become suspect.

We give our trust to the leaders we elect. We see them as models of citizenship. They have the responsibilities to tell us the truth when we ask for it.



25 thoughts on “Rumor

  1. We do live in what I call an increasingly society of information specially with all the new social media.

    Then you have as you said the government information, or by that matter the press also. And in an information there where always be disinformation. You just have to distilled as best you can what´s true with what´s false. And usually takes time since you have to contrast that same information from one outlet with different outlets and reach a conclusion or semi-conclusion about what´s the real truth. And some times we will never get to the bottom of things.

    1. Sometimes telling the truth is so difficult for the government to do because they knew all along that what they planned and did were wrong in the first place. Telling lies is the easiest way out.

      1. I think that lying to the public has to be part of government, specially when you are talking about national security things,you don´t want to broadcast to the world what capabilities you have.

      2. It should be, I agree. But since the reality is that is not, we have to be able as citizens to distill the information we are processing and make our own judgements about it.

      3. Sometimes, top secret and classified information are not there are supposed to be. They might be damaging data that could show errors of judgment of those in government. That’s the worse-case scenario for us who cannot get the same information.

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