I was born ugly, they always tell me,

I am complete, yet lacking beauty,

Never as good, only a beast to be,

As if I’m a walking monster in reality.

At a young age I accepted the verdict,

Adolescence relived it with a song,

Adulthood provided me self-conflict,

But today, I know they were wrong.

All those years of pain, worthless,

Tears of torment, dried, forgotten,

Careless taunts were baseless,

Blinded, all of them, mistaken.

What you’ve seen was only my skin,

Not ever to your liking, not by society,

But, if your senses were indeed keen,

Deep inside me was of genuine quality.

Yes, I was ugly because I felt fear,

I lost my faith, even losing logic,

This day on I am me, you hear,

Whatever you call me, I’m magic.



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