You come to me often,

Talking to me like you need advice,

Waiting for my reaction you won’t get.

I look at you without feelings,

I am not allowed to tell you bad things,

Or, even good things either.

Can  I tell you a secret,

I know where your warts and all,

Yeah, you showed them to me.

I am no good to you broken,

You won’t see yourself clearly,

I am the bad luck you don’t need.



11 thoughts on “Witness

    1. Actually, I am referring to a mirror. It was supposed to be a funny word play about a silent witness we face everyday.
      I guess your interpretation has truth to it. I am awfully sad to hear about your experience.

      1. It gave me a bit of appreciation for things that I didn’t have before & I connect differently now than I used to & not in a way that is negative. However now that you have explained your view of your poem I like it enough to remember it in a good way. Thank you you are an accomplished poet.

      2. Often, I feel the same way as you explained. I see the negative clearly that I dwell on it. But you’re right, we have to take new perspectives of life.
        Unfortunately, I am not a poet. 🙂
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      3. I beg to disagree, if you write poetry you are a poet. I raise sheep I’m a shepherd, I draw, paint, felt & crochet I’m an artist. But if you don’t want to be a poet I won’t try to force you. :^)

      4. Hahaha! Thank you for the smile. 🙂
        You’re right, of course. Being what we are and not what we are supposed to be are probably the same thing. Confusing?
        If I am a poet, perhaps others could call me as such. Otherwise, I am but a small farmer playing with words. 🙂

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