Welcome to our beautiful Paradise with our Big House!

Here, we roam freely, provided we do not transgress against the rules. We can do whatever we want, provided we do not trample another’s rights.

Here, we are the masters with many servants. We hire them to provide services we do not want to do ourselves.

However, here too, our servants do all the business of tending the household. We give them the money to spend, provided they inform us where they will spend them. We trust them with the purse of the house.

When there are missing funds, we get angry. We shout at them and blame them for their inefficiencies and carelessness. But we do not fire them: we are patient that they will mend their ways.

We are so dependent on them that even the rules of the house are their job to think of and enact. Often, they write them vague, professing that regulations are for our benefit and advantage..

After a long time, alas, we the masters follow the servants’ orders with fear and fervor to boot.

Is there something wrong with us?



19 thoughts on “Silly

  1. Is there something wrong with us? Yes, yes, yes, definitely there is something wrong with the picture you draw!!! And I know what is wrong with us! We are the wards of our government, our elders and younger and yes our servants if we have any! Nobody did this to us except us. People show up , make a few rally, ask for our money and our support and we vote them in office; and since there is no term limit for many of our leaders, they just there for the rest of their lives, they become corrupt, money hungry, etc….

    1. The analogy about the relationship between us citizens and government officials is rather simplistic. However, as you correctly observed, we are also negligent when we choose the wrong public servants. So the blame is shared by all.
      Yes, there is something wrong with us. We commit the similar mistakes over and over again, especially during elections.
      Is there a solution? Yes, there is. Vote wisely next time.

  2. I would say that the more we shift for ourselves and the less reliant we are on others – governments, agencies of the state, servants – the better it is. However, I draw the line at fixing my own teeth.

      1. Seems like we have lol 😉

        btw are you finding that wordpress is forcing unfollows? came back to see that i’m not following you on wordpress all of a sudden but on my app? O.o

      2. I noticed that small error recently. I do not have a clue as to why. My guess: revisions. I notice the link feature has changed. I am currently sending awards notices so I found out about this.
        Well, we can follow back if we wish. 🙂
        Thanks for the information.

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