No Can Do

Hello guys and gals!

Just taking a breather from the overhaul. I am doing the peek, read, click and reply routine once in a while. It’s really difficult to multitask. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a small tip I want to share to those, like myself, who are trying to delete the autosave and revision backup of published posts.

First, the not so good news.

The function is included in the software so there’s no way to erase them. (Info was from timethief reply to a question about deleting revisions. See Forums.) ย For every post, up to twenty five (25) plus backups would be saved. If it takes you a long time to write a draft, I guess the autosave every two minutes or so would eat up much space for long and media-rich posts.

Personally, I did an experiment. I tried to restore the revisions one by one, marked the content, cut, delete and updated. However, this process was a nightmare because it was like the movie The Gremlins where the creature multiplies when it gets wet. Instead of less revisions, more were added every time.:(

Next, the better news.

Here’s what I do now. Once I am satisfied with my draft, I mark all and click copy. (No title for the draft post.)

In a new WordPress window, click Add New. Add the title. Paste the draft. .Add the categories, tags and featured photo, if any. Then, publish.

Delete the draft post. This action will automatically delete all your revisions.

Warning: If you are not sure about this tip, try to experiment first. Perhaps, you have a better and safer way to remove revisions.

Happy Blogging!



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