In the Loo

Reading other bloggers’ posts made me more enlightened about emotions, inspirations, goals and experiences. I barely scratched the surface but I feel I have grown more aware that this world is indeed populated by REAL HUMANS.

Then again, this thought whizzed through my head as if a worm of an idea burrowed deep into my psyche. What about “Musings inside the Comfort Room?”

Don’t be shocked! The place is probably one of the most visited site (pun unintended) inside a living structure. One way or another, you have to enter the portal when nature calls.

Once you’re inside though, it’s none of my business. 😀

I bet my marbles (not that MARBLES!!) that many great people in history had thought, devised and theorized their best and sanest ideas while sitting on the ‘throne” of comfort. When concentration took over, almost anything could be clear as day.

People are often squeamish when the subject comes to fore. Either it is discussed in jokes that elicit laughter or denied importance altogether because it is embarrassing.

The comfort room is the cleanest place in the house. It should be.

So, when you need a place to think things over, go inside.

You will be relieved.



6 thoughts on “In the Loo

  1. I think that might be a man thing. I’ve had male friends say the same, but never females.
    For me, thinking happens in the bathtub.
    Thanks for the smiles.

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