No such luck today. The sun gave way to cloudy skies. It even rained diagonally when gusty winds joined the fray.

Power were restored for a while, giving me a window of short online activity. Then, no more. Outage again.

I went outside with the camera, wishing to capture the moment while I hid under the balcony roof. I was lucky enough to get some good shots.

After a few minutes, the rain stopped. It was my opportunity to get outside to check the skies for cloud formations, rearranged into a moving kaleidoscope of various shapes.

I picked my favorite spot for a clear view of the horizon. I chose my targets to record their momentary poses.

A boy, I did not recognize, passed by. He stopped and stood beside me, interested as to why I was taking pictures of the sky.

“That’s weird,” he commented surly, surely trying to distract me.

I switched off the camera and turned to him. I knew he would not understand my reasons even if I explained them to him slowly.

He was picking one of his nasal passages with his right forefinger. Earlier, I saw him scratched the back of his pants with the same hand.

“And you?” I asked condescendingly, “what are you doing?”

“Cleaning my nose?” he asked meekly, quickly withdrawing his hand.

“That’s unsanitary,” I replied shaking my head. “Use a cloth or something.

I wanted him gone so I took the advantage.

“You should be in school.”

He stammered his reasons, which I was already aware of. He wanted to vanish as soon as possible before I personally accompany him back.

Walking quickly away from me, he scratched his head with the same hand he used to pick his nose.

I had a quiet laugh because of the chance encounter, I did realize I looked silly photographing clouds instead of people and other things. I guess the boy was probably right, after all. 🙂



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