If doing the laundry manually was hard enough, back-breaking in a sitting position and just plain pain in the neck, I got the next idea for torturing myself, a chore that needed to be done once in while.

Picking dried leaves is easy, you might say. Actually, a good exercise once you get the rhythm of bending down, picking the leaves, putting them in a sack and moving to the next spot. It might even beat the workout in the gym where you pay good cash to stay trim and fit.

However, when repetitions reached the thousands, your back will protest that will surely tell your brain to stop the routine. But your eyes might contradict the request because they will see that the job is far from finished. Which do you think will win the contest?

I often ponder about this type of dilemma we are always exposed to, daily. At times, the compromise is simple. Problems only arise when the solution to them becomes more complex. What to do?

Like the refresh function in the computer, we can  also do the same with some of our daily problems. When we hit a snag, we pause and think about it. We reload the same program in our brain. We might get connected and finally find the answer the second time around.

Try it!



3 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. Good advice, Belsbror. A break can make the whole job more do-able and save your back, too. And you might even come up with a tool idea that will change the stress on your body.

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