Odd Calls

I’ve been interested on how people communicate with one another verbally. But towards a stranger, It is a bit complicated sometimes.

(Many Filipinos are known to use the word ‘hoy’ (similar to Hey) or the sound pssst when addressing someone (stranger or not) informally. Either one of the two is commonly used locally.)

One time I heard a teenager whistle. I thought he was simply doing it for fun.

But seconds later, a short-skirted girl passed by, walking like a celebrity. She conveyed the smile of satisfaction on her radiant face which meant she appreciated the compliment.

Is it impolite to use whistling or any form of non-verbal methods to get the attention of whoever we like? Or, could it be a form of flattery to openly express one’s admiration?

Men, who most of the time, are the perpetrators of this unusual form of compliment add a smile, a grin or a leer afterward. To their targets, reactions vary.

For women, they are probably of two minds regarding the matter. On one hand, it is utter consternation for the sound of disrespect. On the other hand, some women get instant gratification for the special attention.

Freedom of expression is at a borderline in this case. What do you think?

I can’t whistle. So, I guess I am lucky not get involved in this controversy. 🙂



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