This is the easiest admission I can state in public: I envy all the people, who can really work hard and sacrifice their time and money to provide help wherever it is needed.

Sometimes I am guilty of indifference, when I feel I can do something but I decide not to act on it. When I see someone in need of my help, I tend to give a lot of reasons not to extend assistance. When I think I am being used because the same person asks for favors too often.

What is the limitation of giving? Is there some point when one has to say ‘enough’? Will that mean one begins to cross the line to selfishness?

I feel helpless in so many situations when my bleeding heart often get the best of me. I am too quick to give way, that as soon as the one needing assistance leaves after he gets what he wants, I feel like a sucker for sad stories.

But, such feelings are not at all negative in my perspective. There are many things I receive from others, who in some way or another, become the bearers of what I call ‘returned’ favors. A mysterious cycle of sorts.

Think about what they say, “The more you give, the more you receive.”

Isn’t that why we give in the first place?



5 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. One would hope we give simply for the virtue of giving, expecting nothing in return. But yes, some do specialize in taking. I prefer the idea of paying it forward. Do something for someone else and they will do something for someone, and so on. That way maybe eventually the world will be a more loving place. Peace.

    1. There always a time when some people take advantage of others. I think that’s their fault because they might lose something else later.
      Giving attracts luck. 🙂

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