Men Only

Call me silly when I ask this question? 🙂

Why do men piss standing up unlike women sitting down?

(In my opinion, women have better sense of hygiene in mind. Men? I am not sure.)

This is probably the accepted truth: men can easily and readily comfort themselves when the need arises. I mean unloading unwanted bodily fluids almost anywhere.

Since normal practice taught us to use the comfort room, doing it otherwise is rather unorthodox. But again, men are men.

To simply face any wall, bush, tree or any other inanimate object to do our ‘thing” and oblivious to anyone passing by is obviously a manly attitude (?). Uncivilized act perhaps but a very natural reaction.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating the practice. But sometimes, there are instances there is no other option.

I remember once when I wandered into a mostly residential area and there was no comfort room in sight. Being a stranger, I was unable to persuade someone from letting me in in their homes because of security reasons. (Yes, bad people could use this trick to accomplish their criminal intents.)

So, I did the most natural action. Of course, I had the decency to go somewhere hidden from the public.



9 thoughts on “Men Only

  1. It is very frustrating to be caught short in a strange place and not be able to do what you did. And I can tell you from experience that peeing in the countryside is a lot more prickly and potentially hazardous for a female than a male. 🙂

  2. I says “men only” but I myself have wondered this same question, especially when having to clean up the overspray and/or dribbles. As for finding relief along side the road facing the bushes…seriously…the stance alone is a dead give away as to what is happening. It has nothing to do with ‘checking the air in the tires’ as the husband as said on numerous stops. Having only one facility in our home however does necessitate that the males use the half-bath which consists of a tree AND a bush for cover!

    1. I am trying to find a historical connection when this thing first started. 🙂
      In this day and age of equality between the sexes, there are certain ‘activities’ that either one could stake claim of exclusivity. (laughs)

  3. Because men are… Somewhere along the line, they were taught the world was their toilet. Actually, many Arab men do pee squatting. Physically, women can’t whip it out and spray. Another reason. And it is part of the male thing – being dominant over all – hey, the world is my toilet, oy.

  4. I am outnumbered 5-1 in my house, so the odds of a facility being available when I need one are slim. I have a rather large, fenced in bathroom conveniently located out my back door. It’s just beyond my outdoor office on the porch. 🙂

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