Food for Thought

How often do we eat? Three times a day? Five times? Less?

For years, some people ate more than the necessary to acquire a healthy life. Later, they reached the point that their eating habits became a liability to function normally. For health or lifestyle reasons, they are required to limit their daily food intake. We all know, this is dieting.

For the affluent, the regimen is part of their daily routines. They desire it to maintain their good physique that are often adored in high society. Economically, not only they save money on food purchases, they have more opportunities to spend on luxuries.

For the less fortunate, dieting is a must. It is a financially dictated lifestyle and in worse case, results to malnutrition. When one has limited financial resources, money for food competes with other basic expenditures daily.

In another front, there is also called seasonal dieting. Many forms of religion suggest (or sternly dictate) similar eating brakes (or breaks) during certain times of the year. They call this as fasting. As a fervent follower, one should abide to show obedience to the lessons of the faith.

Whatever beliefs you have, financial standing or personal preferences, taking less food presents you with the idea of moderation. That’s not bad, after all.



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