Naming a baby? A difficult task but it has to be done.

I often wonder what was on my parents’ heads when they finally chose the name to give their eldest child. Were they concerned that I would live up to the appellation? (I was told my given name was similar to a well-known local architect. Unfortunately, I ended up designing only my rest house.) (laughs)

The proliferation of Western sounding names, two or three at times for a child, had reached the state of flux. It’s only good as long as the surname fits but most of the time the combination misses the point of clarity. At times, jokes are attached to the names.

Then, there are times parents combine parts of their given names to form a unique word. If it sounds bad, the child will be saddled with the mistake for the rest of his life (legally changing a name costs a fortune for the ordinary person).

For some parents, it’s so easy. Copy the British or papal format. Let the child be named after the father if it’s a boy and after the mother if it’s a girl. Do so with the succeeding children. But then again, the result is sometimes comical especially if the family is from the poor sector of society.

The worst thing of all this name giving is the sad fact that many children are not legally registered. Yes, millions of them.

So, you have a great sounding name but the state does not know you exists. It could be a blessing or a curse. Later.



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