Humans had evolved into a warfare mentality. Can we stop this to protect ourselves from eventual destruction?

I am always provoked by extremism because I always believe in the middle ground. Please do not mistake it as fence-sitting but rather consider it as convergence. There will be a common denominator when issues are discussed in a diplomatic manner.

We may be right and wrong and in between. Such notion can be a starting point for all parties to agree to. It is up to them to move forward, backward or sideways in a civilized way until they find the most agreeable solution.

Isn’t this much better than begin the rift with violence and a ceasefire? The loss of blood on each side will make mediation more difficult because every victim’s family will want vengeance; it is the justice they ask for. Almost no one will accept losing the equality in body count. If that’s the case, the continuation of the conflict continues, more victims injured and killed and properties destroyed. Everyone loses.

Hiistory is rife with examples of petty quarrels escalating to full blown wars. We should learn from those mistakes and discover new ways to achieve peace.

Talk all differences first.  You’ll probably agree that a handshake is much better than pulling triggers.



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