Free Space

Hello guys and gals!

The overhaul hit a small snag. I have a tricky question that maybe some of you may know the solution. This pertains to deleting revisions.

I am wondering how can I remove old revisions of posts and leave only the latest. I noticed that since they stay in memory they naturally occupy space. Imagine how much free space I could use for future posts once those unwanted backups disappear.

Earlier, I thought of an option. I could delete the post and do a re-post of the same content. The comments will be automatically deleted but so will be the likes. For sure, I do not want to erase comments. They constitute an integral part of my blog.

Also, the media library often save multiple copies of photos especially when errors are detected while loading. The unused clones eat precious space, too.

Obviously, I need to check each post by editing content to choosing more appropriate tags. ( I wish to bring back the Tag Cloud widget later. )

By the way, the numbered posts (in the re-blogs) mean they had already been edited, re-categorized, re-tagged and given the generic pages buttons. (see below)

If you have some answers, please let me know. I might go to Forums to search for solutions.

Happy blogging!



12 thoughts on “Free Space

    1. (loves) Misery loves company, so they say. 🙂
      As bloggers, we try to help one another. If I discover something useful, I will blog about it.
      Thank you for the reaction, 🙂

  1. I advance posts sometimes… change the date. It keeps all history that way. I’ve tried to beat that but — no can do… except to create it new and then there is no history – comments and likes are lost of course.
    I think that you mention it may also duplicate the images… not always, but sure will sometimes — sometimes not… I reuse some images in another post and no duplicate gets made if I copy it from the existing page… it sometimes gets duplicated and I think that is when I insert from the media library as I edit the page.
    Also, I reblog frequently and those images may end up in my media (or not sometimes). There isn’t a method to delete the revisions… we can delete images that aren’t actually in our posts – so I can delete a reblog image that actually isn’t opened on my blog in my reblog post-page… of course that can’t impact the other blogger’s post.
    BUT… bottom line…
    Nope – can’t delete revisions.
    ~ Eric

  2. I’m not really sure what you mean, sorry. Are you referring to drafts? These can be deleted in the dashboard under posts. You can also delete duplicate images in your media library.

    1. The revisions are the autosave copies and saved backups. I cannot erase them. I am looking for a solution. I will let you know if I find something useful.

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