I am in a quandary: re-blog or re-post?

I am aware that re-blogging a post means that the original has not been altered whatsoever. The comment added is an explanation why it is re-blogged. (This is also way to make older posts more visible to new readers of the site.)

However, what if the original texts are re-written without changing the concept? Is that possible? Is that permissible?

I admit I re-wrote the post Challenge, which was first published last September. It was shorter and somewhat hastily written. I played with the idea of deleting the post and re-typing it (after revisions) as a new one. But, I elected to re-publish it as a scheduled post.

If this is not okay with you, who liked the original, please let me know. I will discontinue similar postings in the future. I will simply edit the posts and leave them where they are.

(I also have plans to add some kind of explanation to some of my short quotes under the Snippets sub page and transfer them to the Expounded sub page afterwards.)

Your comments mean a lot to me.

– o –

I will be back on Monday. Field work this weekend so I will be offline.

Have a great weekend, guys and gals!


signing off



13 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Whatever you decide and whatever manner you choose to present things is entirely your call. I respect the things you post and the way you post them. I personally have no preference, it’s part of accepting the individual I follow. xo

  2. I certainly think either’s acceptable. I suppose that were I to rewrite something I’d done before I’d include a mention of it, so that people who are interested in alternate ways of presenting something have their chance to see the old, or so that people who preferred the old can find it even if the (presumably) better version becomes more popular.

  3. I have re-edited stories and poems– and even artwork– when I deemed it necessary. Remember, it’s your work and must satisfy yourself first. Reblogs (especially the ones that were visitor popular or one your own favorits) are cool if you space them out between newer ones. (And it often does generate newer visitors for you to share with.) Peace.

    1. Thank you for your reaction. I had second thoughts earlier but since you explained it precisely, I will push through with what I have been planning.

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