Mixed Signals

Have you ever been faced with a question that stretches the limits of your brain power for an answer? I have. The query was presented to me by a ten-year old child.

What is love?

Surely, it’s an easy question, right? I could get the thick dictionary on the shelf and read the definition to him word for word. Or, I could hug him and show him how we love another person.

However, after that, I was speechless for elaboration. His eyes searched mine for more information of what does the word really mean?

You see, he came to me after he received a slap on the butt from his father. It was a spur-of-the-moment reaction from an angry individual who came home finding his house nearly on fire.

The child admitted his fault. He accepted the punishment but he could not understand what I said to appease him.

“You father loves you.”

For a child, the idea of love is positive. When an adult explains that a negative situation can also result to love, then the problem arises. He needed more concrete answers that are logical.

For us adults, we often accept the fact that love is not a bed of roses (especially if the thorns in the stems are still attached). We say that love could be painful but that helps us to be strong when things are not too ideal. And for some, love is selfless.

I know the child will grow up one day and learn that what I said to him was true. That he will find out first hand what love really is. He will feel the pain, the joy, the sadness, the triumph and all there is attached to the powerful word.

When he is faced with the similar question from another child, I hope he will be more successful than I was.



14 thoughts on “Mixed Signals

    1. I was not prepared to explain a deep issue with a child other than say what he needed to understand at that instant. Later, he would find out the answer to his question.
      Thank you for sharing.

  1. I would have replied that Love is a frequency a state of emotion, a feeling, a vibration that is the opposite of fear……A very beautiful place to be, it makes you strong as it comes from the heart…..use this to teach the child about living in the heart……go to http://www.heartmath.com and see how much electrical and magnetic impulses that we radiate from the heart…show them how they can affect other people by being in this wonderful state…….If everyone realized that we are all one…that all are connected on a spiritual level to the one…then why wouldn’t we be in the constant state of unconditional Love to everything around us……what a wonderful opportunity to help a young person to see things from this powerful, wonderful perspective…..Om Shanti

    1. I could explain the subject like you suggested. But the, a ten-year old is a ten-year old. Even some adults fail to grasp what love means to them.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated. 🙂

  2. your words were spot on. you are right – one day he will understand what you said. i am not certain i could have said it any better – it is something that will come with maturity/life experience.

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