I visited a bakery a week ago because one of my friends asked me to order a cake for his child. Since I was scheduled to have my food purchases, I did not think twice to do him the favor.

While waiting outside the store, I met an acquaintance who happened to work inside. That was the reason I seldom saw him in the field: he took a baker’s job.

He led me inside the working area (prohibited for non-personnel) to show me his present project. I wanted to stay outside so that he would not be reprimanded for letting in an outsider but he insisted nonetheless. The owner was kind so I guess he would not mind my presence as long as I did not interfere with the workers’ chores.

I was shown small human figures he fashioned from dough. These he would bake and become show pieces in the cafeteria attached to the bakery.

While he was explaining to me the mechanics of baking bread, my mind wandered off to a particular event during my childhood. I stood there looking attentive but I heard a voice from the past instead.

It was a story of creation, related to me by someone I had already forgotten. It revolved mainly on how God created us.

After God created Nature, God decided to form from dusts the first humans. God made a fire and placed the first form in it. Then, God went on to create more things. He almost forgot about the form in the fire.

In haste. God took it out but it was too late. The form was nearly burned. God breathed life to it and it became the origin of the dark-skinned humans.

The next form God placed in the fire. This time God took it out after a while. It was done but not as much as God wanted it. God breathed life to it and it began the light-skinned humans.

God looked at the third form with caution. God placed it on the fire and waited patiently. God made sure that this time it would be the right time to take it out of the fire. With satisfaction, God took it and breathed life to it. The third form started the brown-skinned humans.

I was startled when a hand touched my shoulder. It was the end of the long presentation of baking which I did not hear due to my daydreaming.

With the cake in hand, I thanked the baker for his hospitality. I hope he did not notice my inattentiveness.

– o –

To the flocks of the Christian faith, I pray for a peaceful Ash Wednesday.



9 thoughts on “Dust

  1. Haha. My mum used to tell us this story all the time and that eventually God would become such a pro that you’ll look around one day and realise that everyone is brown. Happy Lent – is that what you say?

    1. That will be the day! (laughs) For a child, the story is very reassuring, especially if he is brown-skinned. There is some sense of being special in the eyes of God. A good vibe. 🙂 May the season of Lent gives you peace. Blessings, belsbror

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