I stared at you with pity,

thick and overworked,

soaked and dried,

ever present in my life.

I tried to comfort you,

with a needed rest,

with sheer idleness,

with a good night sleep.

I want to pamper you,

with expensive things,

the complete care you need,

for you to stay healthy. 

I am afraid if I lose you,

how important you are,

how you make me complete,

how you handle my work.



14 thoughts on “Calloused

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, 🙂
      Earlier, I came in from a short field work so I noticed my hands while typing on the keyboard, Then, the Whisper took over.

      1. Ha ha ha
        I wish I had that ability to capture moments with words! I had to get in such a mood to be able to write something.

      2. You are very good writing about food. I get hungry reading your stuff. (laughs) I believe our inner voice dictates what we write. Have a great day!

      3. Ha ha ha
        I guess you are right!
        I got “wordy” when it comes to food!
        Have a nice day, too!

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