Hello guys and gals!

Here’s what I have for you.

WELCOME is the title of my new static front page. You can check it out.

Why the photo?

You see, I consider myself the pineapple. 🙂

Grounded on soft earth, under the canopy of tall trees and exposed to the light, I am still growing. I have much nutrients to absorb just like discovering more knowledge to retain.

See my small crown? That’s what I think of my success so far. It would be bigger in time. (I hope.)

The eyes of the fruit are worth something to ponder upon. But I believe they look at different directions at the same time which is much like my philosophy at looking at the world with different perspectives.

Look at it closely. Can you see me as the fruit?

I am not much of a photo critic so I guess I leave it up to the experts to tell me I am mistaken. 🙂

– o –

I am back and I am raring to go on my blogging round. I have began as some of you might have noticed. Wait for me to drop by.

Right now, the overhaul is still in progress but you will be seeing some of the adjustments from this day on.

Happy blogging!



6 thoughts on “Symbolic

    1. I am glad you like the idea. 🙂
      A week is not enough I found out. The overhaul needs a lot more time.
      Best of luck to your reorganization project. 🙂

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