The Cloud Farm

Where there are no permanent characters,

only different attitudes

– o –


Catty and Dougie were having an argument.

Catty (on a window): I will always be the first to eat in this house.

Dougie (not shown outside): You’re dreaming!

Catty: Guess you’re always out while I eat more times a day.

Dougie: (shocked) I don’t believe you!


Catty kept on fibbing to rib Dougie to surrender.

Catty (not shown): I guess I’ll go in and eat again.

Dougie could not get inside because it was locked.

Dougie: I’ll tell our friend that you ate his food.

Catty: (giggling) Hello! He cannot understand you.

Dougie turned back in a foul mood and walked away..

Catty: (serious) Where are you going?

Dougie: (yelling) I am eating out!



2 thoughts on “Fastfood

  1. I did not expect this to happen! I guess I was going to give you a comment of my favorite fast foods… This would not have been an appropriate response! Outside there are edibles for animals to nibble on! (Not for us, humans!) Smiles, Robin

    1. Every comment is welcomed 🙂
      Fastfood is the title because when we cannot get something to eat at home that we like, we go out and eat somewhere.
      Some of the cloud farm dialogues are satires of real life. That’s how I think. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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