I saw you looking up the sky,

Your yearning face moist with tears,

Your lips mumbling words I do not hear,

Though I am sure they are prayers for me.


I know we had our ups and downs,

A union beset by disagreements,

A marriage on the rocks, despair,

A shadow of when we first met.


When everything began to work,

When our differences disappeared,

When love comes back, pure,

Tragedy struck our communion.


It’s not fair of our separation,

Bliss eluded us at the right time,

When nothing seemed wrong,

That finally we walked as one.


I am but a receding memory to you,

I’ve seen you with another man,

More loving, more understanding,

I will let go, I will make you happy.


Forget me now, you deserve joy,

You need not ask for my permission,

You know I will always be around,

Somewhere in your past I was there.



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