A Quick Surf

Hello guys and gals!

I need to take a peek of what’s going on?

My email notifications are growing. I see you have been very generous reading my scheduled posts. (More will come in the next few days.)

I must admit this overhaul thing is a good idea but a tedious task. I almost reached the halfway mark (August posts) with the back ups, patiently copying even during slow internet connection.

Another thing I learned: to be an editor is a difficult and harsh job. I have been cutting and re-wording old posts, reviewing similarities and changing titles if need be. Some will have to be deleted for various reasons.

After the review, the next job is to get back online and edit posts via the dashboard. (The offline blog editor could not do the job because it cannot send drafts due to WordPress two-step verification security process.) This process will take time but I have to do it while I am back to normal blogging activities.

Please be patient with me during this reorganization. I have not been on a blogging round for a while. I miss checking your sites. However, I will give each one of you a visit later on and work my way through from your recent posts backwards like I used to do.

All your kind comments are wonderfully appreciated. Thank you for all the support and encouragement.

Blessings to each and everyone!



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