By now, some of you might be wondering where is the blogger of this site.

If you ask me, he might be somewhere in the farm, under the heat of the sun, doing some field work.

Or, he might be in front of the computer, offline, earphones attached to his ears, busy re-organizing the contents of his blog.

Or, he might be gallivanting somewhere at the beach, soaked in the salty water, musing about his future.

Or, he might be under a coconut tree, drinking juice and then scooping the soft meat of a newly-opened nut.

Or, he could be somewhere in the streets, looking down the road, counting vehicles that pass by, whiling time as if there is no tomorrow.

Or, he could be preparing my meal (I hope).

Be my guest. Guess. My face was pasted here to be introduced.

By the way, I am Dougie, Catty the kitten’s nemesis, oops, friend.

See you around.



23 thoughts on “Invisible

      1. With a small bolo (similar to a larger hunting knife), you should chop off the upper part of the nut’s husk till you reach the outer cover of the nut, which is soft when it is still young. When you see the meat, punch a small hole so you can drink the juice right off the fruit. Or you can pour the juice on a small pitcher.

      1. Oh yes, another reason I love the Cloud Farm!! I look for them too when I gaze at the clouds over Lake Michigan. How they love to appear and play in the fluffy clouds! Cher xo

    1. The old theme is too big for me. This new one seems my type especially the size of the script. I am still experimenting. 🙂 Busy with the overhaul but be back on Sunday. P.S. A new puppy in the house.

      1. What’s the name of the Puppy. Just to let you know, come lent, I’ll play the hide and seek game. Okay, then. If you are happy with this, I’ll get use to it.

      2. Scheduled posts. I need the time offline for the overhaul. The next posts till Sunday will also be scheduled posts.
        I am copying posts manually. I cannot open many windows because it slows the connection.
        The puppy is Dougie. The kitten is Catty. 🙂

      3. No originality, I say. 🙂
        I am now on September posts, copying. I started editing March and April posts. There are almost 700 posts in all and 20 pages. I will post a breakdown later.

  1. Here, I am reading my email, imagining this amazing Filipino life you lead, and that I would know what you looked like…I click on the blog, and voila!!! You are funny! I must say, CUTE DOG!!! 🙂

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