Who are you,

to arouse my curiosity,

attack my vulnerability?

Why do you,

keep me fixated,

make me interested?

How do you,

provide your essence,,

maintain your presence?


You are not here,

never physically present,

not in any moment.

You are not real,

a figment of actuality,

an illusion of beauty,

You are a dream,

formed in my head,

a substitute instead.



12 thoughts on “Ideal

      1. My dear belspror, no need for apologies ever! I am so grateful when you are able to post your incredible work and photos of the cloud farm. I am very fond of the cloud farm!! Cher xo

      2. I know that others have mentioned that they too have very slow internet connections. I follow a girl from Australia who is a photographer and she told me sometimes it takes over one hour to post a single picture! I should stop complaining whenever my internet connection seems a tad slow. It’s a good reminder for me to have this lesson, my dear belspror! Blessings and hugs to you, Cher xo

    1. Like an image in our head of someone we like but could not get because he or she does not exist. With our imperfections, we would settle for the next best choice than the ideal someone.

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