When we visit a garden, flowers attract our attention almost immediately. The variety gives our eyes a beautiful feast to savor.

Thanks to Ajay of Ajaytao2010 for giving us a virtual garden of exciting photographs and literature. I am honored to be one of the many visitors to discover his place.

I share this award to the following, who in their own particular way established their own ‘garden’ we visit.


girly camping      /     the nocturnal laundress

Adeena      /    lorraine reguly’s life

blase    /    metamorphosis of letters

glorialana’s blog      /    thoughts alone

about addis ababa    /    jubilee journey

lost in expressions     /    beats of pieces

for maureen, with love    /   perception paradox

The Sea and Me    /    Rose with thorns

Welcome to Taraland  /   ck’s days

Petals from Paradise  /   sophiebowns

Nicola Kirk   /    e-Tinkerbell

cloud 9   /    zurandrya

Happy Blogging.

21 thoughts on “Wishful

  1. Belsbror, your blog is amazing. Your writing is inspirational. I’ll be visiting often.
    Thank you for following me and the nomination. I’m honoured, gobsmacked, flabbergast and just a tad smug. 😉

  2. Thank you so much ~ sorry for the delay in receiving this award, I have been away for awhile. I appreciate it very much. Happy New Year! ~ Julie (The Nocturnal Laundress)

  3. Is my time to feel sorry! I don’t know why but the message you’ve send to me got placed in the spam. Thank you a lot for thinkin’ of me ! You are great ! 😀

    1. Never feel sorry. 🙂
      At least, the message arrived.
      I continue to make my rounds. I will stop by every now and then.
      You are too kind. 🙂

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