To coin a new word from fragments of two impressive words, fantastic and fabulous, is a work of art. The result is unique in itself.

Ajay of Ajaytao2010 personifies the word, literally. I know there are other word combinations to describe his generous heart.

I am grateful to receive the award from him. Thank you, Ajay.


Here are my nominees for the award:

being me from A to Z      /       shainbird

evelina galli      /    une parisienne se promene

Nicola Kirk       /    globe drifting

In Her Words Avenue    /     organic sound

amras888        /        sick and sick of it         /

angelswhisper2011     /      a collection of writings

kimberlyharding     /     thevoicethatguides

SIM ANTICS      /      never quite broken

as i can see     /     kiwsparks

poetictwist   /   nobody puts sarah in the corner

treatmentofvisions   /   sgt, pepper’s lonely heart club band

Happy Blogging.

11 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. You said you nominated me for an award, but yet the url you gave me is bogus. What gives?

    Did you make a boo-boo?!

    1. You are correct. I made a boo bo. Sorry. The end of the url was erroneously connected to the word ‘and’ so it did match the correct one. I will send the correct one. I am glad you pointed out the mistake. Thanks. Blessings, belsbror

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